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Self Help - A Career Devotional

By Tom (TJ) Jones

Inspirational and Uplifting Messages for a Satisfying and Successful Worklife.  This book with 100 strategies helps people find solutions to the 10 biggest challenges they face at work.  It's not like a book that you read from cover to cover, but a book that's on your bookshelf to refer to when ever you come home from work, and feel like "kicking the cat"(DO NOT DO THAT) but instead grab A Career Devotional and read some ideas on how you face tomorrow. 

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9 Signs of True Success

By Tom (TJ) Jones

This is Book 1 in the Hand Little
Book Series

Inspiration and Motivation that take you to the Height of Personal Achievement.

Why aren't people happy and successful?  Good question... and the answers to that is in TJ's 9 Signs of True Success.  You will probably be quite stunned when you learn these 9 tips to help you find success.  His book was published a few years ago, but TJ is updating it for today's world and is...



It's All About Connections

By Tom (TJ) Jones

You might think that since the economy is so much better today and there are more jobs than there are to fill them, it must be easy to get a job or new career.  YEP your right.  But is it the Job or Career that you want?  TJ explores the most effective AND least used strategy in his It's All About Connections book and is being updated to the current environment today.



The Triad Code Book Cover

The Triad Code

By Tom (TJ) Jones

When TJ was a National Speaker he helped people understand the important elements of effective decisions making.  Decisions in your personal life and business decisions in your job, must be evaluated upon 3 important aspects of your being...  And these 3 aspects are revealed in The Triad Code.  His book will be...



Key Battles In The War Against Workpress Stress

This is Book 2 in the Handy Little
Book Series

Battle 1 - How to use Courage When You Feel Like a Coward.

TJ explores the challenges of stress in  today's workplace with what he learned  as a commissioned officer in the Army NG, relating to courage.  And he applies those lessons of that creed to help civilians in their everyday jobs to battle workplace stress.


Book Achieving Unlimited Success

How To Achieve Unlimited Success

Strategies for  Creating
Extraordinary Results

TJ was invited to join several other authors and national speakers to provide help to readers with strategies to enable you to find solutions to achieving unlimited success in a variety of areas.

He contributed the second chapter entitled "The Power of U" and he writes about how U is in fact, the most important thing to must understand.  And that is because it is more powerful than you know.


E-Mails From A Faded Celebrity To A Bewildered World

How To Unlock Your Career Passion In Changing Careers

Remapping Your Future

By Gabe Kaplan

All right, the joke is on Tom (TJ) Jones on this one.  He wasn't the author this time, he was the MARK!  And Gabe Kaplan was the author about our discussion about "The Muffin Man".

Gabe emailed me when I was a Certified Career Coach asking me how I could help him find a new career after his famous acting career on the TV Series Welcome Back Kotter.  And of course I wanted to help him... but what transpired over the email threads will ABSOLUTELY surprise you and you'll LYAO reading what we said to each other in Chaper 31 entitled "The Muffin Man"


TJ's original Discover Your Career Passion was on CD and through Webinars.  But he has decided to recreate it in book form so more people can learn how to unlock that career passion that seems to escape so many.  Especially if they are trying to figure out "I'm not happy with where I work or what I am doing... So what out the  heck do I find that career passion".  Well, this will be your ideal solution.  Wait for the announcement on the books release.


One of TJ's most sought out simple books when he was a National Speaker, was this gem called "Career Planning 101 for Adults".

It is being updated to today's environment and will also have an edition for "Young Adults" and for "Older Adults".


Lives Have Been Changed

Coming Soon


A Comment From AUTHOR Of Many Books On This Site

Tom (TJ) Jones, Author

It is amazing how our minds reflect on life experiences where we could have done things differently in our life, to include at home and work.  I've had a very blessed life and decided years ago to share those experiences and tips to help avoid the challenges you may be facing.  Helping People is the primary mission of all that I write.  Much research goes into every book and down-to-earth solutions and ideas are presented to encourage you to overcome those challenges with ideas that are sometimes simple but complex as well. 

I hope you enjoy my self help books and look forward to your comments about how they may have helped you.

Thank you and have a wonderful life... YOU DESERVE IT!


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