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A Career Devotional Book
A Career  Devotional By Tom TJ Jones

Inspirational and Uplifting Messags for a Satisfying and Successful Worklife.

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Having Courage to
Courage - Key Battles In The War Against Workplace Stress

Battle 1 - How to Use Courage When You Feel Like a Coward

The 9 Signs of True Success
COMING SOON - The 9 Signs of True Success

Inspiration and Motivation that take you to the Height of Personal Success.

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Kate Wendleton endorses Tom TJ Jones for his book A Career Devotional
Kate Wendleton, President of the
The Five O'Clock Club

"TJ has "hit the bullseye" with the balance of spirit and motivation to help people find peace while faced with career challenges in today's work world."

David Green, President and Founder of Hobby Lobby, Americas Largest Creative Centers

"A Career Devotional has combined a sense of faith and spirit with workplace challenges, just like we have done here.  Great job, TJ
Kotters Back
Kotter's Back

NOTICE:  This was not published by us, but since Gabe tricked me into using my interview with him as a Career Coach, I gave permission for him to use our email messages for the chapter:  The Muffin Man.  

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