A Career Devotional by Tom TJ Jones


This is a softcover book to help you with inspiring and lifting up when challenges at work, frustrate you.

Remember the last time you came home after a hard day at work and felt pent up? How did you deal with those feelings? Perhaps you regularly feel that you are merely existing at work, rather than truly living. Maybe you feel a big energy drain at the end of your workday and you are not sure why. This book is dedicated to helping you find real inspiration, freedom, and greater meaning by starting right where you are today.

It invigorates the head, heart, and soul. 1/3 of the 100 messages are Christian based. The other messages are good common sense and best business practices. It is a perfect combination of the power needed to face the challenges of the workplace.

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A Career Devotional by Tom TJ JonesTom TJ Jones wrote A CAREER DEVOTIONAL as an evergreen book, meaning the lessons learned will always be applicable no matter your age or your situation in your work life.


A Career Devotional provides 100 inspirational and uplifting messages for a satisfying and successful work-life and includes a journaling section for each message, so the reader can write their thoughts for the day. It includes practical business inspiration as well as some spiritual messages. It touches the head, heart, and soul of anyone, regardless of their current career or those changing careers. It gives you more ways to celebrate uplifting daily victories and convert challenges into prevailing lessons. This book is overflowing with more heartening and confirming messages than most people receive during an entire lifetime of working relationships. It invigorates and exercises the head, heart, and soul to deal with the challenges of the workplace.

Includes 10 messages on ten chapters of the most common challenges you are faced with in your job or career.  And a “take action” after each message for you to journal how you would implement it to make a better life for you at work.

  • Enjoyment
  • Attitude
  • Performance
  • Self-Worth
  • Skills & Talent
  • Meeting Challenges
  • Setting Goals
  • Achievement
  • Persistence
  • Success

Endorsements by:

  • Kate Wendleton, President of The Five O’clock Club
  • David Green, President of Hobby Lobby
  • Martin Rute, co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul At Work”
  • Jim Stovall, Author of “You Don’t Have To Be Blind to See”
  • Marcia Bench, Author of “Thriving in Transition”
  • Dr. Jeff Magee of Jeff Magee International, Inc.
  • Jack Pryor, Speaker/Facilitator and President of Odyssey Quest, Inc.
  • Bob Davies, Author of “The Sky is Not The Limit, You Are”
  • Stephen J. Hecht, President of Career Fitter
  • Gina Ripple, Certified Personal Consultant
  • Mary J. Pryor, Author of “Life is too Short”


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